KUMEKO Group Oy engages in responsible wood sourcing

The EU adopted the Timber Regulation (EUTR 995/2010) in October 2010, which aims to prevent the import and use of illegal wood and its processed products within the EU. Each batch of timber must be able to show that it was produced in compliance with the law. KUMEKO Group Oy also takes responsibility for the environment in its home country. 

The company supports environmentally, socially, and biologically sustainable methods of sourcing all of its wood. KUMEKO Group Oy is PEFC™ certified for the management of the timber chain of origin. According to the PEFC™ label the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest.

The company’s management is dedicated to operating in accordance with the requirements of the PEFC™ scheme and regularly reviews its activities. We consider environmental concerns and the welfare of the environment in all facets of our business. By doing so, we practice sustainability and help to ensure the biodiversity will be preserved in the future.

Certitificate No. INS-PEFC-COC-209241 »

Read more about PEFC™ certification in the link below. You can also check the validity of the certificate.

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