Forest management services

Forests require proper management to remain productive. In connection with final felling, it is advisable to prepare a comprehensive reforestation plan that specifies the recommended tillage and planting practices. The reforestation plan should always be tailored based on the characteristics, fertility and water resources of the forest. KuMeKo Forest offers comprehensive forest management services.

Early clearing and the tending of seedling stands are often necessary to accelerate forest growth. This work is traditionally carried out by a lumberjack with a brush saw. If the proportion of trees to be removed is large, it is worthwhile to carry out the work mechanically and collect the felled trees. Forest owners generate sales revenue from the wood from the collected trees. Request a quote for early clearing or tending of seedling stands.

Forest owners or contractors may receive financial support from the state organisation Kemera for the early tending of seedling stands or the management of young stands. Read more about the Kemera support on the Finnish Forest Centre’s website:

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Jarkko Miika
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