Timber trade services

Timber trade starts from the forest owner’s need to manage their forest assets. Contact a timber trade professional at KuMeKo Forest and arrange a forest site visit. You can contact us by phone, email or by submitting a contact request through our website.

KuMeKo Forest buys all types of wood from all types of cuttings, from traditional thinning to final felling. Increasing the efficiency of young forest management and thinning will maximise the forest owner’s financial benefits and increase the value of the forest. We offer comprehensive reforestation services after final felling. Our timber trade services also include plot felling and field edge felling.

We also buy wood on a delivered-price basis (sale at delivered price). In this arrangement, the seller takes care of the harvesting and delivers the logged wood to the roadside for us to pick up. Please contact one of our chief procurement officers to request a quote for timber traded at a delivered price.

We follow national forest management recommendations and the PEFC certification criteria in all our felling activities. We harvest wood with respect for the environment and nature. In addition, we also take the forest owner’s wishes into consideration right from at the planning stage.

The types of timber we purchase include logs, pulpwood, complete trees, logging residues and stumps.

Please leave us your contact information and we’ll get back to you within three business days.
If your forest is not located in our area of purchase, please contact us and we will make a suitable offer for you.

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Chief Procurement Officer (area 5)
Tuomas Leponiemi
Chief Procurement Officer (area 1)
Jesse Kuuminainen
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Ville Piitari
Chief Procurement Officer (area 3)
Jarkko Miika
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