KuMeKo Forest Oy

Karjarannantie 33
28100 Pori, Finland
mon-fri 9:00-17:00
Tel. 050 413 8410

Mäntyluodontie 836
28800 Pori, Finland

Invoicing address
Business ID: 2481001-6

Electronic invoicing address

Operaator ID

Electronic invoice operator
OpusCapita Group Oy

Invoicing via email »

Paper invoices can be sent to:
KuMeKo Forest Oy
PL 41299

Please note that the address is only meant for sending invoices. The mailing address for correspondence, newsletters and marketing materials remains unchanged.

We do our best to promote the use of electronic invoicing and therefore hope to receive your invoices as e-invoices whenever possible.

Tuomas Leponiemi
Procurement Supervisor (area 1)
Jesse Kuuminainen
Procurement Supervisor (area 2)
Ville Piitari
Procurement Supervisor (area 3)
Jarkko Miika
Procurement Supervisor (areas 4 and 6)
Tapio Heikintalo
Procurement Supervisor (area 5)
Amanda Peltomäki
Chief Operating Officer
Markku Kiviluoma
Materials Manager

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