One of our core values is sustainability. We take concrete steps towards sustainability every day, and we want to communicate this openly to our customers and partners.

Vastuullisuus- Kuva Juha Kalaoja

Environmental responsibility

For more than a decade, KUMEKO Group Oy has been a pioneer in responsible wood sourcing and forest-based renewable energy. KUMEKO Group supports sustainable development, where all wood is sourced in a biologically, ecologically and socially sustainable way. We replace fossil fuels with the wood raw materials available from forest harvesting.

Our operations are governed by certificates and environmental permits for our terminals

KUMEKO Group Oy’s PEFC and FSC® certificates are a sign of responsible sourcing and commitment to sustainability for our customers. The certifications ensure the traceability of the origin of the wood and compliance with internationally agreed criteria. The certificates have been issued by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.


In October 2010, the EU adopted the Timber Regulation (EUTR 995/2010), which aims to prevent the entry and use of illegal timber and timber products within the EU. Compliance with the law must be demonstrated for each batch of trees.



KUMEKO Group Oy is PEFC certified for the management of the timber chain of origin. The PEFC label indicates that the wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

The company’s management is committed to operating in accordance with the requirements of the PEFC scheme, and regularly reviews its activities. We take environmental issues and the welfare of the environment into consideration in all areas of our operations. In this way, we are acting sustainably and playing our part in ensuring that biodiversity will be preserved in the future.



The FSC certificate assures that our entire wood supply chain is sustainable. We care about forest biodiversity and social responsibility. The end product of certified wood is traceable.


HSEQ assessment certificate

Our company has an HSEQ assessment certificate. The HSEQ assessment is a comprehensive review of the company’s health and safety practices, environment and quality performance, and the links between these areas and the management of the company. The assessment of KUMEKO Group Oy has been carried out by Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy.

Financial responsibility

In addition to KUMEKO Group employees, we indirectly employ several people. We carry out logging in partnership with local contractors, providing employment for more than 20 companies and creating more than 70 indirect jobs.

The revenue from wood trade that we pay to forest owners makes a significant contribution to the regional economy. Wood trade creates jobs in many different sectors, which contributes significantly to employment in Finland.