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KUMEKO Group Oy is a family-owned company established in 2012. The company offers forest and bioenergy services to its customers from the west coast of Finland to the northern part of Pirkanmaa.

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A pioneer in wood procurement and forest-based energy

For more than a decade, KUMEKO Group Oy has been a pioneer in responsible wood sourcing and forest-based renewable energy. We buy wood mainly from private forest owners and offer them comprehensive and versatile forest management services. Our work is guided by our core values: transparency, integrity, continuous improvement and sustainability.


We focus on building long-term customer relationships

Every forest owner is important to us, and we want to create sustainable and long-lasting customer relationships. The forest is a valuable asset, and we want to preserve it. In our wood supply chain, every actor is valuable and every tree is a step towards a more sustainable future.

We are part of the Finnish heat and energy production chain, and thus also part of Finland’s security of supply system.

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One of our core values is sustainability. We take concrete steps towards sustainability every day, and we want to communicate this openly to our customers and partners.


KUMEKO Group Oy sponsors, among other things, sports activities for children and
adolescents. On this page you will find information on how to apply for sponsorship.


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